Hi welcome home! Thank you for giving me the gift of your time. Thank you for being an audience to my entries. My name is Girelle Camarillo, I am a 25 year old Filipina, Christian and physician. I am taking a year off before I pursue a specialization. I want to experience the bigger world outside medicine. I am stepping outside the box of the stereotypical doctor and I am excited for other thrill life has to offer outside the confines of a hospital ward.

Through my blogs I want to share to everyone that we can be so much more aside from the career we have chosen. We can choose to be a rainbow rather than a monotone. I want to be able to share my beliefs and experiences and inspire people. I know you can be an inspiration too. We just have to go out of our comfort zone. In order to inspire others we must cultivate ourselves. We read, we search, we pray, and we listen.

Life has so much to offer and its a shame to just choose one. Choose not only what will make us happy but choose which will make us grow to be beautiful persons and inspire others. Enjoy browsing friends!